The Spider-Man spin-off films will now be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Things have been shaken up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it may be for the better. It was previously announced that the upcoming Spider-Man spin-off films, "Venom" and "Black Cat / Silver Sable", would not be a part of the MCU and would instead be in their own universe. This of course meant that there was little chance that Tom Holland's Spider-Man would meet these characters. However, it now looks like that has all changed.

Sony's Amy Pascal, as well as Marvel Kevin Feige, was being interviewed for the upcoming release of Spider-Man: Homecoming by "FilmStarts" and set the record straight. When asked about the spin-off films in regards to Homecoming Pascal stated,
"Both movies will now take place in the world that we are creating for Peter Parker. They'll be adjuncts to it, they may be different locations, but it will still all be in the same world. And they will be connected to each other as well." 
Now curious, the interviewer pressed for more information asking if this meant that Tom Holland's Spidey could appear in the films.
"There's always a chance. I think one of the things that Kevin has done with Marvel that's so brilliant, is bringing the fans along, and making each movie feel like a chapter in a book. That you have to read that chapter in order to go forward. And I think the investment that fans get to feel in being part of a larger story and understanding what's happening, is something that I know Sony would want to emulate."
Perhaps this change came from the strong backlash from fans hearing that the new films would be in their own universe. Perhaps Sony and Marvel were still ironing out details and just weren't ready to confirm the news earlier. Whatever the case, this can only be a good thing. Here's hoping that Sony makes quality films for these characters moving forward.

This of course does not mean that the Avengers will be popping into the films but it is still cool to know that it is all connected. Are you excited about this news?

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Source: ComicBook


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