Kyle Hill uses science to explain why X-23's claws are deadlier than Wolverine's.

In honor of the film Logan being released in theaters, Kyle Hill created a new "Because Science" video to prove why X-23's claws are actually more deadly than Wolverine's.

In this video, Kyle breaks down the science behind each claw set and why Laura Kinney, a.k.a. X-23, has the more deadly set of claws. X-23 is created from Wolverine's DNA and therefore has all of his abilities and also has her bones covered in indestructible Adamantium. The big difference between the two is that where Wolverine has three claws from his fist, X-23 only has two (and one off of her foot). According to Kyle's science, this small but significant difference is what makes her more deadly than her father. Watch and enjoy the video below for a full explanation.

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Source: YouTube - Nerdist


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