Marvel teases a mysterious "Batch-H" image of Hulk / Wolverine character.

Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso teased Marvel fans today with a mysterious image posted to Twitter with the caption "Under Construction".

As you can see the image being teased is a Hulk-like create inside of a tank labeled "Batch-H". The crazy thing is that this Hulk-like creature has the same style claws as Wolverine!

It's been no secret that in Marvel Comics secret government organizations around the world love to experiment with genetics to make the next super soldier for their country but what exactly could "Batch-H" be exactly? Could it be a continuation of the Weapon X program? Could someone have cloned the Hulk and gave him Wolverine's signature claws? What are the claws made of? Are they adamantium like Wolverine's?

There are so many questions that this image raises but we'll have to wait and see what Marvel reveals next. What are your thoughts on this new, mysterious image?

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Source: Twitter - Axel Alonso


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