Sunday, January 15, 2017

Rebels Recon 3.14 takes you behind the scenes of the Star Wars Rebels episode "Warhead".

Let's head behind the scenes of the hit Disney show Star Wars Rebels and get some great inside information concerning the season 3 episode "Warhead".
(*I'm not sure how they went from Rebels Recon #3.11 to #3.14. Maybe they mislabeled this one?)

"In this installment of Rebels Recon, we take a look at the Star Wars Rebels episode "Warhead," in which an E-XD infiltrator droid discovers the rebel base. Host Andi Gutierrez sits down to discuss the episode with the show's creators and stars, including Dave Filoni, Pablo Hidalgo, Henry Gilroy, and more."

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Source: YouTube - Star Wars

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