Marvel and Netflix's Iron Fist episode titles are released.

Marvel and Netflix have released the episode titles for all 13 episodes of the upcoming show Iron Fist starring Finn Jones in the title role. It doesn't look like there are any big spoilers in these titles but be warned that there may be some hidden spoilers that I am missing upon reading these.

Episode 1: “Snow Gives Way” directed by John Dahl
Episode 2: “Shadow Hawk Takes Flight” directed by John Dahl
Episode 3: “Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch” directed by Tom Shankland
Episode 4: “Eight Diagram Dragon Palm” directed by unknown
Episode 5: “Under Leaf Pluck Lotus” directed by Uta Briesewitz
Episode 6: “Immortal Emerges From Cave” directed by unknown.
Episode 7: “Felling With Tree Routes” directed by Farren Blackburn (Rated 18 for strong bloody violence)
Episode 8: “The Blessing Of Many Fractures” directed by Kevin Tancharoen
Episode 9: “The Mistress Of All Agonies” directed by Jet Wilkinson
Episode 10: Title To Be Announced, Director Currently Unknown
Episode 11: “Lead Horse Back To Stable” directed by Deborah Chow (Rated 12 for mild violence)
Episode 12: Title To Be Announced, Director Currently Unknown
Episode 13: “Dragon Plays With Fire” directed by Stephen Surjik

Iron Fist will stream on Netflix on March 17, 2017.

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Source: Den of Geek


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