Netflix releases a Stranger Things 80's news broadcast that covers Barb's disappearance and local Eggo Waffle theft.

This is fantastic! Netflix has released a new retro style 1980's news broadcast of "Minute By Minute with Brenda Woods" that covers some of the events in the show Stranger Things. The broadcaster covers the dissappearance of Barb and the theft of Eggo Waffles at a local supermarket. It's a short video that is very well done and fun to watch. Kudos, Netflix!

"You think you know the 80’s. But then an archival newsreel from 5 WIYZ Hawkins, Indiana is uncovered and you question everything. Like why is Brenda Wood’s hair so totally amazing? Or, whatever happened to that girl Barbara Holland? Just how many Eggos did Eleven eat? The world needs to know!"

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Source: YouTube - Netflix US & Canada


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