Watch Kate McKinnon's Ghostbusters outtakes with all her jokes.

Fans were wildly split on the new Ghostbusters film but the majority seems to think it was not good. No matter their opinion on the whole film, many agreed that Kate McKinnon's jokes as Holtzmann were pretty funny. However, it seems that only a fraction of those jokes made the final cut to favor what the creators thought were the best from her performance. (Which is smart.) During filming however, it looks like they unleashed McKinnon and let her tell joke after joke in hopes that eventually one would be the laugh out loud line they were looking for.

Below you can watch McKinnon's outtakes and see what kind of jokes she delivered. It's a long video with some really funny moments but it is hard to watch all in one shot as its just delivery after delivery. All the same this is a cool video. Enjoy.

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Source: YouTube - rayecheng


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