The first evolutions of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon's starter Pokemon and more are revealed in a new trailer.

The newest trailer for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon has been released and it is filled with great new information on the game! First, we finally get the first evolutions of the game's starter Pokemon. There is Torracat (evolved from Litten), Dartrix (evolved from Rowlet), and Brionne (evolved from Popplio). Right now it looks like Litten may be my starter! Torracat looks awesome. We also find out that the game will have a demo released on October 18th and will feature a demo exclusive Pokemon named Ash-Greninja that you'll be able to transfer over to the actual game. Mega evolutions are back and a new exciting area named Poke Pelago will be available. The Poke Pelago will be different islands your Poekmon can visit while in the PC Boxes and either train, look for items, ect. Find out about the Poke Pelago and much more in the trailer below!

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be released on November 18, 2016.

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Source: YouTube - The Official Pokemon Channel


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