Nintendo reveals their new (portable) home console - the Nintendo Switch!

After waiting what seemed like forever, Nintendo finally revealed the "NX" today. The new console will be called the Nintendo Switch and it will look to bring a new level of portability to the home console. I wouldn't think Nintendo is aiming for this to replace their 3DS handheld system but this trailer makes it seem like it could rival it.

You get a few glimpses of some new games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a new Mario game, Skyrim, and possibly a new Splatoon. But the focus in this trailer is the console being portable. They do show players playing at home on a regular television as well. There is a lot to take in with this trailer so I can't fully comment on it yet but at first glance it looks awesome. However, I do worry about Nintendo going back to the Wii remote / nunchuk style of controller (that are attached to the sides) and that they look rather small. Don't know how gamers with bigger hands/fingers will find this. I do like that there is a dedicated "regular" controller though. As suspected, Nintendo is staying withthe "screen in the controller" style like the Wii U's gamepad which is what makes this portable. I'm hoping that some solid information for the Switch will be released soon as we are left to come to our own conclusions on some things from just this trailer. I can safely say though that I am excited and want to know more. I just hope what I learn is all positive.

The Nintendo Switch is set to be released din March of 2017. Start saving up, gamers.

A big thank you goes put to my friend Jackson for sending me this trailer while I was at work today! 

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Source: YouTube - Nintendo


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