Disney is bringing back The Muppet Babies in 2018!

In a time where everything is getting rebooted, the next up is Jim Henson's The Muppet Babies. The original animated show aired from 1984-1991 and was one of my favorite shows when I was growing up. Who didnt love to sit down and watch this show and sing along to the amazing theme song.

Disney is bringing the show back and will air it on Disney Junior starting in 2018 as a CG Animated series.

"The new series is being aimed at kids aged four to seven and will follow the characters as they use their imaginations to go on adventures that range from building a time machine to flying through outer space. It seems like the new stories will try to capture the same magic as the original, highlighting creative and critical thinking skills by harnessing “the power and potential of imaginative play.”"
For old times' sake, lets watch and sing along to the intro to the original show.

The Muppet Babies will air on Disney Junior in early 2018.

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Source: Slash Film
Source: YouTube - retrowhiztv


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