Supergirl footage is made perfect by the addition of John William's Superman score.

Earlier this week a clip from the first episode of Supergirl season 2 was released that features Supergirl and Superman teaming up to save the day. The clip is a lot of fun and it is amazing to see the two characters on the same screen.

To make things incredibly better, one dedicated YouTuber, JasonVoorhees2011, took this footage and added composer John Williams' iconic scores from Superman behind the footage. The two songs used are "Welcome to Metropolis" and "The Big Rescue". The result is absolutely perfect. I wish this is how the scene really played out on the show and now that I have seen it the real thing will never be as good. Make sure to have tissues ready because you'll be shedding tears of geek filled joy throughout the entire clip. John Williams' score really brings the clip to a whole new level. Enjoy.

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Source: YouTube - JasonVoorhees2011


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