Star Wars fan film "Jakku: First Wave" shows Stormtroopers' humanity moments before battle.

I'd like to share another sensational Star Wars fan film that centers around a small group of Stormtroopers. Titled "Jakku: First Wave", this film focuses on three troopers right before the Battle of Jakku.

"Jakku: First Wave" is a film short that was written and directed by Benjamin Eck and it deserves the attention of Star Wars fans everywhere. At just 3 minutes 30 seconds this short shows us the human side of the Stormtroopers and that they really are just soldiers living their lives and trying to the best they can for those around them and in their lives. Watch as these three troopers prepare themselves for a battle where they know they are risking their lives for their cause.

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Source: YouTube - Benjamin Eck


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