See Boba Fett's various costumes through the years in this wonderful Star Wars infographic.

Boba Fett may not have had a huge role in the Star Wars saga, and he may have been ridiculously killed off, but he sure did leave a lasting impression! Like many of you, I’m a big fan of the character, and I’m excited for the day when we see him get his own solo film.

Halloween Costumes has released an interesting infographic that breaks down the evolution of the character. from his first conception in 1978 to the cancelled Star Wars 1313 video game in 2012.
"Besides the dark, sloping helmet of Darth Vader, there are few things more villainous and iconic in the Star Wars universe than Boba Fett. Officially introduced in the second film of the original trilogy, The Empire Strikes Back, the rollout of Boba Fett to the already ravenous fandom in the late 1970s was a carefully orchestrated affair. Before the film, Fett appeared in cartoons, action figures, and even in a small-town parade. Lucasfilm clearly intended for Fett to be a memorable character. There is no stronger evidence to this fact than the many revisions the character went through before his debut in Empire. See how the galaxy’s most fearsome bounty hunter arrived at his influential look with this evolution of Boba Fett infographic."

Which particular costume do you like the most?

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Source: Halloween Costumes


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