DIY Prop Shop - Build Rick and Morty's portal gun!

Odin is back in the DIY Prop Shop and in this episode he is building the portal gun for the show Rick and Morty. I always enjoy when Odin hosts because he does a great job at walking you through each step of the build, explaining what he is doing and why, and gives you the pricing breakdown for all the pieces that he is using. This particular build was a little more complex than some in the past (if you do not have some of the tools that he used) but the price was still fairly low. Overall the entire piece was $40. However, $20 of that was for Magic Sculpt, and $6 for was glue. So the pieces alone actually only cost $14 which is great.

What TV/movie/video game prop would you want to see featured on DIY Prop Shop?

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Source: YouTube - AWE me


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