See how many times Batman killed in Batman v Superman in this great Kill Count video.

Batman doesn't normally kill the criminals that he fights but Ben Affleck's Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice saw this more as a guideline than a rule. Mr Sunday Movies has created a great video that points out all the times that Batman killed in the film in one big Kill Count video.

Here were Mr Sunday Movies' guidelines for collecting the number of kills.
"1) If you're in a car and the batmobile hits you you're probably dead.
2) I only counted the two in the backseat that get's a car flipped on it because it only hits the back end. Also I'm not entirely convinced they're dead. But whatever non of this means anything. Also Nick Mason said it was okay.
3) I didn't count the guy Batman punches onto his neck, he probably lived through that. Maybe I dunno.
4) The man Batman stabbed looked like it was in the shoulder, though I might be wrong.
5) I didn't count the ones branded because they're fairly indirect kills.
6) I had other things to say but I can't remember.
7) Oh right, thanks to DannyC for pointing out the two grenade kills instead of one in the Patreon cut of this.
8) Believe in yourself."

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Source: YouTube - Mr Sunday Movies


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