Cosplayer sends out a positive message about personal appearance through cosplay.

Cosplay has become a global phenomenon. Fans from all over the world dress up like their favorite characters regardless of their actual appearance. However, sometimes people can look at some cosplayers with a negative view because they do not look like the character they are trying to portray. But really, who cares? That doesn't make their love for the character any less and it doesn't take away from the hard work they put into creating their costume.

Great Big Story released a video where cosplayer Jourdan Barnett talks about just that. About how it doesn't matter what you look like. You should cosplay what and who you love.

"In the world of comics and cosplay, African Americans are vastly underrepresented. But Jourdan Barnett, aka Blerd Vision, is trying to change that. By dressing as both Caucasian and African American comic book heroes and villains, Jourdan is using his super skills to develop stunning real life representations of characters like Deadshot from “Suicide Squad.” Jourdan’s imagination proves there’s no limit to the superhero—or antihero—narrative."

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Source: YouTube - Great Big Story


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