Brilliant video explains how Ghostbusters grew beyond the script and became an iconic film.

Films don't always perform as well as they should when they get to the box office and on rare occasions they perform better than they should. The latter seems to happen more with comedies thanks to improv done while filming that deviated from the script in a great way but it happens in other genres as well.

In this video, Lessons From The Screenplay takes a look at the differences from the Ghostbusters screenplay and the finished product and analyzes why the film became a bigger success than it should have been. They look at what was changed and why it worked.

"The screenplay for Ghostbusters is actually pretty underwhelming if you only focus on the details. But if you zoom out and look at the macro-scale of writing — coming up with a premise and figuring out how to execute it — Ghostbusters stands as a great example of the importance of execution. It’s not just what your story is about, it’s how you tell it."


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Source: YouTube - Lessons From The Screenplay


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