Rapid Fire (Film) Review - Captain America: Civil War!

Captain America: Civil War hit theaters and it was incredible. Regrettably I never got to write up a review so I bring you now Realm Beyond Sight's first "Rapid Fire Review" where I hit the good, the bad, and get out before the review becomes too long winded.

As noted, Captain America: Civil War was truly incredible and it hit all the notes that you could have wanted it to. This film has a solid stand alone Captain America story and feels like a Captain America film even though the larger Avengers ensemble is present. I will say that this Cap story falls just short of the greatness achieved in Captain America: The Winter Soldier though which had a large impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It sort of felt like the Bucky/Winter Soldier part of this story seemed to be shoehorned into the larger civil war story line. However, this is about the civil war and that is truly where this film shines! And boy did it shine! This was the Avengers sequel that fans were waiting for. Black Panther gets a wonderful introduction that shows off who is he and what he is capable of. Spider-Man gets a solid introduction that will blow your mind without having to dive into his origin. This is the Spider-Man that Marvel fans have waited for. Young, witty, awkward, and ready to kick some butt. He was everything that I could have hoped for and cannot wait to see him in Spider-Man: Homecoming. There is the question of how Tony tracks Spidey down but even if the question was asked I don't think that Tony would have answered it then. This is something that I hope to see answered in Homecoming. Tony Stark goes through some amazing character development, Steve Rogers has his loyalties and morals tested and comes through big in many areas, and it would be an oversight not to mention Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man. Paul Rudd may have been great in the solo Ant-Man film but he nailed it in this film. Wow. He delivered some amazing humor but it wasn't just him this time. The humor by everyone was perfectly timed and appropriate for who was delivering it. Let me also just say that the airport scene is THE scene for any superhero film out there to beat right now. Mind blowing, jaw on the floor epicness. In the end this was a true comic film in all its glory and I loved how they brought some of the iconic dialogue and visuals from the comic into this film. It opened the door to other films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and you left the theater with a smile. Amazing job, Marvel!

Rating: GO SEE IT!!! (LOVE IT!)

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