Supergirl gets renewed for season 2 as it leaves CBS and moves to the CW.

As CBS began announcing their show renewals Supergirl fans started to get a little nervous as there was no word about the renewal of the new hit show Supergirl. After a few weeks of waiting to see if it will get renewed Variety has learned that it has indeed been picked up for a second season. However, the show is leaving CBS and heading over to the CW.

This shouldn't come as a complete shock to fans. CBS' core audience is a little older while the CW firmly has a grip on the younger audience that watches shows like Supergirl. The crossover event between Supergirl and the CW's The Flash was a big hit with fans and maybe with Supergirl heading over to the CW more episodes like that can happen. I know that I'd love to see it happen.

Are you excited to see more episodes of Supergirl?

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Source: Variety


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