See all the Easter eggs and references in Captain America: Civil War.

With the release of Captain America: Civil War comes another amazing batch of Easter eggs and Marvel references for fans to find. Mr Sunday Movies has put out a new video that identifies as many as he could find.

"Captain America: Civil War is packed with Easter Eggs, References, Cameo's and nods to the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel Comics in general. Spoilers by the way. Spoiler alert. 
This video touches upon a number of similarities between the Civil War comic and the live action adaptation including visual comparisons, the trigger point for the Avengers split, The Raft doubling as Prison 42, Spider-man and his new suit, the Captain America Iron Man fight and more. 
There's also nods to other Marvel comics such as a Black Panther and Captain America showdown, the Dora Milage, Baron Zemo, Falcon and Redwing, the Vision and his relationship with Scarlet Witch and War Machines accident. There's also parallels to the Iron Man Bleeding Edge Armour, Tony Stark being a Futurist and the obligatory but always welcome Stan Lee cameo. 
There's also Spider-man Easter Eggs and Reference galore, including John Romita's early art work, the Ultimate Spider-man costume, his origin, his unmasking in the Civil War comic and his logo projector thing as seen in the post credits scene. 
There's also references to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in spades such as the Hulk being absent, Ant-man beating up Falcon in his movie, Dot from Agent Carter, and the original actor for Thanos showing up as one of Crossbones' henchmen. 
Without getting into specifics we can't forget the Easter Eggs relating to some of the Russo Brothers TV work including the Dean from Community and the Stair Car from Arrested Development. Find all this and more in the video above! Or maybe less. No, it's definitely more."

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Source: YouTube - Mr Sunday Movies


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