Find out the dark history behind Captain America in Marvel Comics.

Captain America is often known as the "boy scout" of Marvel but it is important for fans to know that even he has moments in his comic past that are quite dark.  Screen Rant has created this great video that dives into that dark history and talks about some of the moments in Captain America's career that aren't so upbeat.
"He may have been a major player in the pages of Marvel Comics for over half a century, but it was only recently that Captain America became the poster boy for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The quintessential hero, it’s almost impossible to imagine what kind of fight would force him to turn against his fellow Avengers. But you might be surprised to find out that the comic book history of the squeaky clean, star spangled Boy Scout is as dark as they come. And if fans of comic book movies think their superhero blockbusters are getting a little too dark, violent, or serious, they’d better hope these famous moments from Captain America’s history are never adapted."

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Source: YouTube - Screen Rant


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