Link from The Legend of Zelda takes a wrong turn and winds up in Mordor and Bikini Bottom in this great art set.

Check out these fun art pieces from Kris Wimberly that feature Link from Nintendo's hit video game franchise The Legend of Zelda getting a little lost while trying to navigate using his map. The set of photos is titled "Wrong Turn" and show off our hero winding up in Mordor from The Lord of the Rings and Bikini Bottom from SpongeBob Square Pants. I like that the artist gve Link the Gordon tunic (red; allows you to withstand heat) for the Mordor piece but to keep it consistent I feel like he should be wearing the Zora tunic (blue; allows you to stay underwater) for the Bikini Bottom picture. All the same, this set is a lot of fun and I hope that the artist does a few more in the future.

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Source: GeekTyrant


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