New International Ghostbusters trailer reveals a lot of new footage!

A new international trailer for Ghostbusters from Russia has found its way online and I suggest watching it quick in case it disappears. This new trailer, although entirely in Russian, features a lot of new footage and make it clear that this new film will be cranking up the humor this time around. You get a lot of new footage with Chris Hemsworth's character and a great look at the Ghostbusters at a rock concert. I don't think this particular trailer will do much to convince those who are on the fence about the film but it is still fun to watch. It is also very interesting to see the girls flip the situation one more time and (possibly) hire Hemsworth's character simply because he is handsome. Enjoy!

EDIT (3-9-16): The trailer has officially been released an in English! Enjoy!

Ghostbusters will be in theaters on July 15, 2016.

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Source: ComicBookMovie


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