Find out who the real deadliest heroes are in Marvel Comics.

Everyone knows who the strongest superheroes may be or the best fighters may be but Screen Rant has created a really interesting video that talks about who the real deadliest heroes are in Marvel comics. By this they mean who's very power threatens those around them, even allies. This includes heroes like Cyclops, Ant-Man, Thor, and Quicksilver.
"Ask the average comic book or superhero movie fan to name the deadliest, most lethal, and brutal comic superheroes, and the same names will probably rise to the top: Wolverine is almost guaranteed to take the top spot, with insanely powerful heroes like Thor or the Hulk close behind. But those characters are only blessed with superpowers that let them destroy enemies one by one, with brute force, or directed attacks. But what about the heroes whose very abilities threaten the lives of everyone around them? 
The movies won’t go into too much detail, since it’s the claw-slashers, punchers, kickers, and enchanted hammer-swingers that get the most attention. And usually, the least convenient side effects of a cool superpower are written off or ignored completely. But not by us. In the interest of giving the unsung heroes their time in the spotlight – and pointing out how the science of their superpowers poses a threat to everyone they meet – we’re taking a look at Marvel’s most lethal heroes in our latest Docu series. 
Here is Screen Rant’s closer look at The REAL Deadliest Marvel Superheroes."

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Source: YouTube - Screen Rant


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