Breaking down the new Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man suit.

The big reveal of Spider-Man in the last Captain America: Civil War trailer created a huge stir in the superhero film fandom. At a time where people were talking non-stop about Batman v Superman, Marvel's Spider-Man took over the internet and brought the buzz back to Marvel.

When Spider-Man came flipping into the scene my jaw dropped with excitement. I will say flat out that I love this new suit. However, I cannot say where it stands just yet in comparison to the other live action suits because it is just too soon. Currently, Andrew Garfield's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit is my favorite. I absolutely love that suit with the larger "Ultimate Spider-Man" eyes. This new suit went in a different direction and not all fans are happy with it. But let's take a look at it.

Instead of using a modern look for Spider-Man, this suit goes back to Spidey's comic roots which seems fitting for his first entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I feel the overall look is spectacular. (Pun intended.) But let's take a closer look at some of the details. First, the colors of the suit. Spider-Man has had many various suits over the years and many of them branched away from the standard red and blue. This suit follows that history and incorporates a little black into the pattern that looks great. The red and blue are obvious but if you look at his arms you see strips of black in between the red sections. You can see the black just under the shoulder (which connects and goes around the top of his back to the other arm), at the elbow, and again at the wrist. Then you also have a strip of black at the top of his "boot" as well as down his sides of his chest (on the outside of the red) connecting to his utility belt. That brings us to the next detail of his suit, his utility belt! We can only guess at things that might be kept in here but it would be cool to see some Spider Trackers or something. One thing most likely stored are extra canisters of web fluid for his web shooters. That's right, you can also see the next detail clearly and they are external web shooters connected to his wrists. A detail brought over from The Amazing Spider-Man series that fans loved over Spider-Man's (Sam Raimi's franchise) organic web shooters. I personally really like how the web design on this suit is visible yet more subtle than previous franchises. 

Now let's take a look at the two spider logos used on the suit. His chest logo is quite small and doesn't take up his whole chest like it did in previous franchises. I actually really like it and it feels reminiscent to older comic Spidey as does the classic fat red spider found on his back. We haven't seen this particular logo since Toby McGuire's Spider-Man. Then comes the most controversial part of the suit, his eyes. No, his eyes did not magically change shape like Deadpool's in the new Deadpool film. (Which nobody seemed to mind but on Spider-Man its an issue.) I think the fact that Spidey has emoting eyes here is sheer brilliance. It's part of who he is in the comics and I love that Marvel brought them to the film. However, as I said they are not just changing shape magically. If you look at the high resolution image of his eye you can see various lines in black around the white lens of the eye. Given that Peter Parker is a photographer, I fully think that he incorporated camera shutters over the eye lenses so they could open and close. That is amazing! I don't know the in character reason he would want this feature but it makes perfect sense. Also, in the trailer if you listen very, very carefully (turn up the volume) at the moment Spidey looks up and the eyes squint, you can softly hear a mechanism go off as the shutters move. This makes me think that my theory is true. These eyes also have a great feel to older Spider-Man comics drawn by Steve Ditko or John Romita Sr. or perhaps some of the newer comics drawn by Alex Ross.

In the end we only received a few seconds of footage of Spider-Man and cannot (or should not) judge the character on such a short time. His webbing looks really cool, the suit looks great, and Tom Holland sounds like Peter Parker. I am extremely excited to see more and to see how Marvel uses Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What are your thoughts on Spider-Man and his new suit?  


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