Animusic's Pipe Dream comes to life with the Wintergatan Marble Machine! See it in action and hear it's beautiful song!

There are plenty of music video spiraling around the internet but I have found one that is truly beautiful. The Wintergatan Marble Machine was built by Swedish musician Martin Molin and filmed by Hannes Knutsson. This hand made machine acts as a kick drum, bass, vibraphone and other musical instruments that are all powered by a hand crank and 2,000 marbles. All together this machine has 3,000 parts! As well as building the machine, Martin Molin also composed the music being played by it. This machine is truly awe inspiring and must be seen in action to truly be appreciated.

The amazing thing about this machine is that it shares an uncanny resemblance to a music video that I used to love watching in the late 90's from a company called Animusic. (I highly recommend buying their DVDs. The music videos are beautiful.) I included the Animusic video titled "Pipe Dream" at the bottom of this post to show you what it looks like and how the Wintergatan Marble Machine was inspired by it.

The musical machine in action:

Building the machine:

(What I am assuming is the true inspiration of this machine.)
Animusic's "Pipe Dream" video:

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Source: YouTube - Wintergatan
Source: YouTube - Wintergatan
Source: YouTube - Animusic on YouTube


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