The Princess Bride - What’s the difference between the book and the film?

The film The Princess Bride is held by many fans to be one of the all time great adventure films. It has everything; action, sword fighting, love, memorable characters and quotes, and so much more. As you should know know from the film, this film was based on a book.

Since this is an adaptation, the ultimate question is how do the film and the boom stack up to each other? What are the differences between the two? This incredible video from CineFix answers just that and you'd be surprised by the answer.
"The Princess Bride is a book within a book that was adapted into a book within a movie that garnered most of its success on home video. Now it’s time for us to read between the lines to find the differences between the book and the film.  
The Princess Bride is a romantic comedy about lost love, revenge, torture, kidnapping, desire, and much more. Farmhand Westley falls in love with the beautiful Buttercup, but before they can be together forever they must endure many trials. The book and film have many similarities, both dealing with long lost lovers being reunited only to be pulled apart again and then finding their way back into each other’s arms, but many of the characters in the film look significantly different than their book counterparts, plus Buttercup is not nearly as dimwitted in the movie. At that, it’s time pull back the proverbial shower curtain on all the differences between the book and the film. 
Have you read The Princess Bride? Are you a fan of the film? Were you disappointed about any of the parts of the book that were left out of the movie? What is your favorite romantic comedy? What is your favorite meta book?"

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Source: YouTube - CineFix


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