The Nerdy Bartender creates a Jessica Jones Cocktail.

Our favorite bartender is back! The Nerdy Bartender, Stacey Roy, is back with an all new video where she created a "Jessica Jones Cocktail" in honor of Marvel's badass superheroine. This video shows off Stacey's goofy side perfectly as half way through poor Stacey swallows a fly and takes a moment to reflect on the repercussions of doing so. After that was settled she makes one hello of a whiskey drink that Jessica Jones herself would surely be proud of. This is one drink that I'll definitely have to try out.

Drink Recipe: 
2oz - Whiskey
3oz - Cold Brew Coffee
.75oz - Vanilla Serrano Pepper Simple Syrup

Optional: Cold Brew Coffee Ice Cubes and an Orange

Vanilla Serrano Pepper Simple Syrup Recipe:
.5 cup - Water
.5 cup - Sugar
1 Stick Vanilla Bean
0.5 - .75 Sliced Serrano Pepper

*Please remember to drink responsibly!

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Source: YouTube - WhaBam


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