LEGO reveals their new Ghostbusters Ecto 1 and Ecto 2 playset for the new film.

LEGO has officially revealed a new playset for the upcoming Ghostbusters film that includes the Ecto 1, Ecto 2, the Ghostbusters team, Kevin the secretary, and a ghost. The set looks fantastic and they did a great job at capturing the likeness of all the actors.

LEGO did make one mistake however by revealing a certain mini figure that was certainly a spoiler for the film (wish I hadn't seen it!) but they have since taken the two photos down after many complaints in the comments of their Facebook page. Its good that they corrected their mistake but I don't know how they wouldn't realize that was going to be a spoiler.

The set does not have an official price just yet but is said to be coming to stores this summer.

Head inside the full article for many more pictures of the set including individuals of all the characters.

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Source: Facebook - LEGO


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