Happy 30th Anniversary to The Legend of Zelda!

Today marks the 30th Anniversary for Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda franchise!

This game is truly why I am a gamer today. I was lucky enough to get a copy from my parents when it was originally released in the United States and I can remember spending hours in my parents room as a child playing and just being engrossed with the amazing adventure that awaited me each time I played.

This franchise not only delivers an amazing gameplay experience but a deep story and history along with an absolutely gorgeous musical history. I could listen to The Legend of Zelda music all day (and have).

Thank you Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo for giving fans the ultimate gaming experience with this franchise.

The game that started it all on the Famicom Disk System:

Of course, many of us are probably more familiar with this:

Happy 30th Anniversary, The Legend of Zelda!

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Source: Deviant Art - Shutwig


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