Could this Star Wars Legends character be coming back into canon thanks to Star Wars Rebels?

*Information is currently unconfirmed and should be treated as a rumor. (But please be true!)

When Disney took over Lucasfilm they turned the Star Wars Expanded Universe, seen in the many novels over the years and considered to be canon by fans, into "Star Wars Legends". The "Legends" stories were officially no longer canon in the Star Wars saga and along with the disappearance of these stories was the disappearance of many fans' favorite characters.

One of those characters was Grand Admiral Thrawn. This character made his appearance in Heir to the Empire which is Book 1 in the Thrawn Trilogy written by Timothy Zahn in 1991. Thrawn was a tactical genius and said to be possibly the best Star Wars villain out there by many fans.

However, thanks to Star Wars Rebels it looks like Thrawn could be coming back into canon! is reporting to hear news that Thrawn could be introduced in the show during season 3 where he'll be hunting down the Ghost and our group of rebel heroes. If this turns out to be true it will be amazing! The site is also reporting that during season 3 we'll see Ezra sporting a shorter haircut and a lightsaber that is very similar to Luke's second lightsaber which may reflect that the show is getting closer to the time that Star Wars: A New Hope took place in.

What do you think about the news of Grand Admiral Thrawn being brought into Star Wars Rebels? Are you excited to see the character brought to the screen and back into canon?

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Source: Making Star Wars


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