Star Wars theme medley gets played as bluegrass songs.

John Williams' theme from Star Wars is among the most iconic film themes of all time. It is a masterpiece. To celebrate this piece of music and give it their own spin YouTuber "SamuraiGuitarist" has created a new video in which the themes from the film are played as a bluegrass song. It's an interesting take on the piece and fun to listen to.
"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far an alternate reality, a young Billy Luke Skywalker has befriended Ol' Ben Ken Bobby. After receiving a distressing message from the beautiful debutante, Charleia, the two set off to Mos Eislenburg, Kentucky. Here they run into the local moonshine trafficker and overall scumbag , Hank Solo Jr., in a seedy local bar. Solo offers the two a ride past the county line in his beat up Ford Falcon as long as they don't mind riding with his dog, Chewingtobacca. The adventure of a lifetime is on the horizon for this unlikely entourage, and I like to imagine this would be the soundtrack."

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Source: YouTube - samuraiguitarist


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