New photos of Colossus from the upcoming Deadpool film reveal a new actor taking the role.

It appears as though Serbian actor Stefan Kapicic has taken over the role of Colossus at the last minute in the upcoming Deadpool film and he looks amazing! Two new photos have been released by Entertainment Weekly along with a great info with Kapicic.

Answering a question about whether he performed motion capture for the character of Colossus as well as lending him his voice, Kapicic stated,
"Tim Miller’s idea of Colossus was to be bigger and stronger than everyone else, so for the motion capture they needed an extremely tall man. I’m 6-foot-4, but he wanted Colossus to be over 7 feet, so they used a stunt double to recreate his height, and he did very good job there. Tim also wanted Colossus to sound as close as possible to the comic book character’s background, so he had me to come in, since my voice was what he envisioned for Colossus, who has an authentic Russian accent. My character’s voice gives him the past history as Piotr Rasputin once you hear him speak. This made him the most authentic to the original idea of the comic book character."
I have to admit that I am really excited to see Piotr Rasputin, aka Colossus, come to life once again in this upcoming film. I always thought he didn't get enough screen time in the X-Men films.

Deadpool will be in theaters on February 12, 2016.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly


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