Anthony Russo talks about bringing Netflix's The Defenders into Marvel's Infinity War with the Avengers.

Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe was created back in 2008, Marvel has been building to the ultimate Marvel showdown that will occur in Avengers: Infinity War Parts 1 and 2. These films will have our heroes battling Thanos for Co trol of the universe itself. It's safe to assume that all the Avengers and new heroes we have seen on the big screen will enter the fight. But what about our heroes on the small screen? Especially the heroes from the Netflix shows; Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Will they be able to cross over to the big screen?

Co-director for Infinity War, Anthony Russo spoke about the inclusion of the Netflix heroes and whether it can happen or not.
"When we start to serialize the telling of stories it’s difficult. You have to have a lot of control and focus on the course of history. The films are controlled by a group led by Kevin Feige, so they function as a unit. Other products, even if they are from Marvel, are controlled by others. Then there is the possibility of a crossover, but it’s more complicated. It is a smaller scale version of the problem that exists when remembering that Fox holds the rights to some of Marvel’s most popular characters, as does Sony and others. As storytellers, we only have control over what happens in Marvel movies, but everything is possible, Spider-Man (whose rights were held by Sony) became possible!"
One thing is for sure, I really hope they can work everything out. It would be amazing to see everyone all together. Everyone.

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Source: Screen Crush


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