Top 6 dark storylines about our favorite comic superheroes.

With the boom of superhero films in the last few years, superheroes ate at an all time high. Marvel and DC have found their path and the money is rolling in as new comics and films head to fans. These new stories, especially on the DC end, have had more of a darker tone to them however that is nothing new to comics.

Screen Rant has compiled six of the top, dark stories that some of our favorite superheroes have had in their comics. Stories so dark some fans may be surprised at what they see.
"With superheroes dominating the box office around the world, the average movie fan can probably tell you the biggest points in any superhero’s origin story. But the origin stories and classic comic arcs that every fan knows by heart are usually the ones the publisher wants them to remember. Even the brightest heroes tend to have some dark stories in their past. And when we say dark, we mean so dark, fans will wonder why they were ever published in the first place."
Spider-Man: Sins Past | 0:33
Superman: The Suicide Snare | 1:28
Green Lantern: Emerald Twilight | 2:17
Spider-Man & The Power Pack | 2:57
Batman: Venom | 3:45
The Incredible Hulk: Monster | 4:32"

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Source: YouTube - Screen Rant


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