Honest Trailers - Star Wars (A New Hope)!

Screen Junkies has tackled one of the film industry's most iconic film in their new Honest Trailer; Star Wars (A New Hope)! The style in which they create this new video is handled with a lot of love. You can see that they clearly had a lot of fun poking fun at the film but they also gave it the respect that it deserves.

Watch as Screen Junkies talks about all the CG added to the film, Obi-Wan Kenobi's forgetfulness, and even Luke Skywalker being as whiny as his father Anakin. However, I admit that I almost fell out of my seat when a Micheal Scott (The Office) "That's what she said" joke was added in. Brilliant.
"A long time ago in a theater far, far away, George Lucas launched an epic franchise. Now relive the movie that started it all - Star Wars!"

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Source: YouTube - Screen Junkies


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