Secret identities are out. New theory lays out the real plot behind Captain America: Civil War.

The Marvel "Civil War" comic storyline is about secret identities and whether or not heroes should reveal their identity to the government. However, most Marvel Cinematic Universe characters don't have secret identities so what will Captain America: Civil War be about?

The site "Birth. Movies. Death." speaks out about what they feel the true plot of Captain America: Civil War is and I have to say that although this is unconfirmed I support this theory. It is smart and makes the most sense.

*Possible spoilers ahead*

The site first breaks down their idea for the main plot and the driving force that creates the conflict between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark:
"There is no Registration Act. There are Accords, a global move to govern the supeheroes. After the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, where the Avengers showed up and busted shit in South Africa and Sokovia, many of the world's governments are concerned about a unilateral super-powered strike force that answers to no one now that SHIELD has been destroyed (SHIELD is still gone in Civil War, as evidenced by the fact that Samuel L. Jackson isn't even in the movie). The divide between Captain America and Iron Man boils down to that famous Latin quote that gave us one of the best comic book stories ever:

Who watches the watchmen?"
This is a smart and well thought out idea for the film. However, I do think that identities will play a small role in the film. If you look at characters like Hawkeye and Spider-Man you'll see they want to keep their identities safe because it protects their families and loved ones. I believe that all this will still play a role. The larger plot boils down to:
"who is responsible when the Avengers get into a battle that causes civilian casualties... but also can the Avengers be told by a world governing body not to get involved in a terrible situation where lives are at risk simply because the local government says to stay out? Should superheroes be free to do as they please, ubermensch inflicting their will on the world? Should superheroes be bound by the whims and changing winds of politics, unable to help people simply because a dictator who has a place on the UN Security Council doesn't want anyone interfering in his human rights abuses?"
What do you think of this plot theory for Captain America: Civil War? Think this is the logical course that the film will take? What team will you be supporting; Team Cap or Team Stark?

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Source: Birth. Movies. Death.


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