A Pennsylvania brewing company made a Ghostbusters' Ecto Cooler inspired beer named Necto Cooler!

Growing up I was a huge Ghostbusters fan and I absolutely loved the Hi-C drink Ecto-Cooler. Besides tasting great it had Slimer on the box and was actually green! How cool is that!

A short history lesson on possibly the greatest drink ever:
In 1987 Hi-C made a deal to promote the cartoon The Real Ghostbusters with a drink known as Ecto-Cooler featuring Slimer on the box. The drink was wildly popular and outlived the cartoon. Slimer was on the box until 1997 and in 2001 the drink was renamed Shoutin' Orange Tangergreen. In 2006 the drink was renamed again to Crazy Citrus Cooler until it was pulled off the shelves entirely in 2007.

Original fans of this drink, who are mostly all now of legal drinking age, will be excited to know that a brewing company down in Ardmore, Pennsylvania called the "Tired Hands Brewing Company" made an experimental beer that was inspired by Ecto Cooler. This new beer is called "Necto Cooler" which was a sour wheat beer. "The brew is conditioned with grilled nectarines, hopped with Simcoe and Citra hops, and stands at about 4.5 percent ABV."

Unfortunately, Necto Cooler was a limited time release and has sold out. However, a representative of the brewing company has stated that they'll "never say never" to bringing the beloved beer back. So make sure to let them know you want to try it out!

I would have loved to have tried this beer and really hope that it makes a return sometime in the future! Would you be excited to try an Ecto Cooler inspired beer?

A big thank you goes out to my friend Joe for telling me about this!

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Source: Philly.com
Source: Instagram - tiredhandsbrewing


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