Watch the entire unreleased 1994 Fantastic Four film now!

The new Fantastic Four may have been a box office flop but it is important to remember that before this current film came out there was one other Fantastic Four film made that was so bad that Marvel stopped it from even being released into theaters!

In 1994 Roger Corman created his own Fantastic Four film that was way under budgeted, extremely cheesy, and all in all just plain awful. This film stayed buried for years with only photos or small clips ever surfacing but now fans can watch the film in its entirety.

So grab your friends, get some delicious movie snacks, and be ready to make a lot of jokes and fall out the couch laughing. You can watch the 1994 Fantastic Four film below. Enjoy. (?)

The Fantastic Four (1994 unreleased) Roger Corman by yourgeeknews

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Source: Daily Motion


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