The evolution of Nintendo controllers.

Nintendo has become known for its new innovative ideas and one area of gaming that they have shown this are their console controllers. Every generation brings forward a new idea and a new piece of technology. This great video shows off the various (main) Nintendo controllers throughout Nintendo gaming history. (It does not talk about controllers such as the NES Advantage or the Wii Classic controller for example.)
"The History of Nintendo is defined by its wacky controller designs. From the NES to the WiiU, nearly every new generation of console brought some new way to control their games. The NES had the D-pad, the SNES had shoulder buttons, the N64 had the Z-Trigger, and so on. But why? Why do we find such innovate use of controls in Nintendo and not in Sony or Microsoft? Join Jamin on this week’s episode of Game/Show as he answers the question and looks at the incredible history of Nintendo’s controllers!"
There are gamers who look down on Nintendo and their innovative ideas but it is important to remember that the majority of these ideas are all implemented in rival companies' controllers as well. It's easy to point and laugh at the first person to bring up something new but Nintendo has proven that their ideas are extremely useful.

Which was your favorite Nintendo controller throughout the years and why?

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Source: YouTube - PBS Game/Show


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