Never before seen Shrek story reel from 1997 reveals Chris Farley as the voice of Shrek!

Shrek drawn in 1997

Shrek was a box office hit for DreamWorks Animation and with Mike Myers voicing the title character, fans everywhere laughed throughout the entire film. What most fans may not realize is that another famous comedian held the role of Shrek before Myers, actor Chris Farley. Before Farley's tragic death he had recorded between 80-90% of his part for the film. All this was of course scrapped and rerecorded with Mike Myers. Shrek eventually hit the theaters in 2001.

Thanks to Consequence Of Sound, you can now watch s story reel that features Farley's voice as Shrek. You'll notice that Farley uses his own voice for the role and it is much different than what was delivered by Myers. Above you can see a piece of art from 1997 that features what Shrek could have looked like had Farley not passed away.

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Source: Consequence of Sound


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