Create Super Mario Goomba popsicles with this new Nerdy Nummies video!

Here is a great popsicle for gamers to make before summer comes to an end. In her newest "Nerdy Nummies" video, Rosanna Pansino has created amazing Root Beer flavored Super Mario Goomba Popsicles!

The video is fun to watch and extremely well put together. Rosanna walks her viewers through each step of the creation process showing you every detail that she is doing. As long as you have the necessary ingredients and tools you should have no problem creating the popsicles.

Items you will need to create the Goomba popsicles:
-16 ounces of root beer
-1 bag of black soft licorice
-1 container of vanilla ice cream
-1 Granny Smith Apple

If you try out this recipe please leave a photo comment for me to see and feature.

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Source: YouTube - Rosanna Pansino


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