AMC will develop a The Walking Dead one shot special with zombies on a plane.

I did not see this coming. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that AMC is developing a The Walking Dead stand alone special that will feature zombies taking over a commercial airliner while in flight. Yup, zombies on a plane! (Cue up various Samuel L. Jackson jokes!)

This new special will be a half an hour long and will feature a new character that will eventually join The Walking Dead's new companion series Fear the Walking Dead during season 2. AMC plans on debuting this special online to start and then will air it in small segments attached to The Walking Dead during commercial breaks. At the moment, exact story details, character name, and the name of the special are unknown.

This sounds pretty interesting but you can bet there will be plenty of "zombies no a plane" jokes made because of it. Will you be tuning in to see what happens on this flight?

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Source: Entertainment Weekly


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