Amazing Star Wars infographic shows the new canon timeline through 2019.

Star Wars canon has become a touchy subject for many fans since Disney acquired Lucasfilm. Shortly after the acquisition, Disney and Lucasfilm officially stated that all Star Wars Expanded Universe stories were no longer canon and were now going to be called "Legends". This was decades of books and stories that fans have become very close to that were now pushed aside.

Disney and Lucasfilm then started to re-imagine the canon universe and redefined it with very straight forward announcements. The films of course stayed canon along with Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels TV shows. Also making canon are several new books and comics. Outer Places has created an amazing infographic that breaks down what the canon for the new Star Wars universe is and put it in a wonderful timeline. It is great to have a visual guide like this to see where everything falls on the Star Wars timeline.

Star Wars Timeline | Outer Places

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Source: Outer Places


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