Wonderful documentary short shows the evolution of art of Looney Tunes' animator/director Chuck Jones.

Chuck Jones is an animator and director that everybody is familiar with whether they realize it or not. He is the brilliant mind behind some of the most iconic cartoons in history. He worked on Tom and Jerry shorts and brought How The Grinch Stole Christmas to television. However, he is most known for his work with Looney Tunes for Warner Bros. Studios.

Filmmaker Tony Zhou from Every Frame a Painting created a wonderful profile video on Chuck Jones and just what went into his creations. Head inside the full article to enjoy the short video!

As an animator and director Chuck Jones was able to capture the hearts of children and adults alike with his unique ability to make people smile and laugh through his cartoons. This fantastic video shares his working philosophies and his creative mindset. It is truly amazing to think how such a small detail can have such a large impact on what you are creating but Chuck Jones fully understood this and used it to his advantage. His creations are some of the best the animation world has ever seen.
"If you grew up watching Looney Tunes, then you know Chuck Jones, one of all-time masters of visual comedy. Normally I would talk about his ingenious framing and timing, but not today. Instead, I’d like to explore the evolution of his sensibilities as an artist."

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Source: Laughing Squid


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