Kevin Feige talks about when we'll see Evangeline Lilly as The Wasp in Marvel films.

Fans may get to see one version of The Wasp in Marvel's newest film Ant-Man but the big question now is when will we get to see Evangeline Lilly, playing Hope Van Dyne, suit up as The Wasp. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has weighed in and gives fans some hopeful information.

Slash Film had the honor of interviewing Feige recently and asked when Lilly would appear as The Wasp.
"“It’s a good question, and it will certainly be in phase three. Where exactly in phase three I’m not sure, but it won’t be in Civil War.”"

Although we won't be seeing her in Captain America: Civil War it appears as though the original script had her included.
"“She was included in early versions of Civil War but there are so many characters in Civil War that we didn’t want to do her a disservice, like she flies in, ‘I’ve got the costume now’, and she flies out. With Ant-Man, and I’m not saying thats what Ant-Man does in the movie, but we already know him, we’ve already seen him. We haven’t seen her as Wasp and we don’t want to rob the opportunity of seeing her in the outfit for at least almost the first time, and seeing her dynamic with Scott in a way it could play out, so we’re saving it. But its going to be in Phase three for sure.”"
What film do you think would be an appropriate time to introduce Hope as The Wasp?

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Source: Slash Film


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