Honest Trailers - Super Mario Bros. (1993 film)!

Screen Junkies has released a new Honest Trailer for a film that fans have wanted for a very long time; Super Mario Bros.!

Super Mario Bros. was, to put it lightly, a film disaster. It is filled with references to the game but even the references were awful and in name only as the side characters didn't even come close to resembling their video game counterpart. This "Honest Trailer" is hilarious and walks you through many of the film's blunders and even has some interview footage from actors Bob Hoskins (Mario) and John Leguizamo (Luigi).
"You grew up with the game. Now relive the movie adaptation of Super Mario Brothers - the video game movie that proved that no one should ever make video game movies."
The film did so bad and was disliked so much from Nintendo fans that Nintendo never again licensed out another one of their properties to be made into a film. Maybe that'll change in the future but for now fans just have the one adaptation.

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Source: YouTube - Screen Junkies


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