DC reveals Flash's new suit for Season 2 of The Flash!

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DC has just revealed the new suit that actor Grant Gustin will be wearing as The Flash in the second season of CW's The Flash!

The biggest change to the suit for this coming season is the Flash logo on the costume's chest. The character will now be sporting the classic comic logo with the white circle, gold ring around it, and the golden lightning bolt down the middle. (The original suit had a maroon/red circle with the gold ring around it and the gold lightning bolt.) We saw this costume before on the show but it was a Flash from the future that was wearing it. Though it is a subtle difference, the line design going across the chest (under the logo) are now in a curved formation rather than a squared one like the original suit. At first glance, everything else seems to be the same on the suit.

So what do you think of Flash getting his classic comic logo in the shows second season?

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Source: Instagram - dccomics


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