Word has it actor Asa Butterfield is out of the running to play Spider-Man leaving three contenders!

Initial reports were stating that the young actor Asa Butterfield was in the lead to be cast as Sony and Marvel's next Peter Parker / Spider-Man. However, the newest reports are now saying that Asa Butterfield is no long in the running for the role at all!

This news is coming from The Wrap reporter Jeff Snieder who appeared on today's Meet the Movie Press and spoke about the film's casting process. According to Jeff Snieder the casting has been now narrowed down to three individuals.

Find out who the three actors left in the running are inside the full article.

According to Jeff Sneider, the three actors left in the running to play Peter Parker / Spider-Man are; Tom Holland (The Impossible), Charlie Plummer (Boardwalk Empire), and Matthew Lintz (Kill the Messenger). Word has it that casting has been stalled because Sony and Marvel like two different actors. Sony wants Tom Holland while Marvel wants Charlie Plummer.

My choice is still Asa Butterfield but if he is off the table I think that Tom Holland has the necessary look. It looks as though casting will have to be made very soon however, since "Peter Parker" is due to be on the set of Captain America: Civil War next month to film. Out of these three actors, who would you choose?

Source: Comic Book Movie


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