The hit mobile game Cut the Rope is being developed into a film!

Om Nom, the adorable and hungry little creature from the hit mobile game Cut the Rope is coming to the big screen!

The hit mobile game is being developed into a film by ZeptoLab and Blockade Entertainment and has a release scheduled for 2016.
"The film will focus on a 13-year-old boy named Evan who discovers Om Nom in a package. But once he unleashes Om Nom on the world, the monster begins to run amok in the boy’s hometown. Evan and his younger sister Jordan follow him while running away from a number of pursuers, some human and others not. And it’s a safe bet they’ll have to cut a lot of ropes to stay safe."
It is very interesting to see that this game is being developed into a film but considering how adorable the little creature is and the fact that the story can go anywhere, there is a possibility that this film could be good. What do you think about Cut the Rope being brought to the big screen?

Source: Twitter - Cut The Rope
Source: Entertainment Weekly


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